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In February of 2016 Elite Athlete Training Systems opened The Gorilla Compound; a private elite athlete training facility in Spruce Grove, AB.

It’s a small, hard core gym with an extremely competitive atmosphere and a “work day” mentality. We consider all of our athletes to be family, regardless of what sport or team someone plays for, we are all here to get better and we push each other to do just that. Nothing cute or fancy, just science based, results driven training.

Month to Month

4 sessions per week

Athlete development is a marathon not a sprint; when we train athletes we’re looking at the long term development. That’s why we don’t sell individual sessions, our minimum commitment is a month to month contract.



Per session, billed monthly.

6 Month Contract

4 sessions per week

We value loyalty and commitment; because of this our longer contracts come with a reduced per session cost.



Per session, billed monthly.


Team and Group

For Team and Group training please contact Rob Svarich at The Athlete Collective for pricing and scheduling - (780) 803-8398



Programs starting at $25.

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If you walk with the lame you’ll develop a limp.

The Gorilla Compound is a private athlete training facility and is home to a large group of dedicated athlete’s from many different backgrounds and sports. Our common thread is our work ethic and desire to become the best we can possibly be. There is nothing fancy about what we do, we work hard day in and day out; athletes that don’t fit this mold are not welcome here. Training is by appointment ONLY, there are NO public drop ins. We built the Gorilla Compound for athletes exclusively, there are no exceptions. In the words of Louie Simmons, “You may find a wolf amongst sheep, but you will never find a sheep amongst wolves”

Dr. Jeff Cubos

Sports Specialist Chiropractor
Back On Track Chiropractic & Sport Injury Clinic

”In sports medicine, there's no question that the health and safety of our athletes are our number one priority. Over the years, not only have I witnessed Brad's athletes achieve high levels of physical conditioning that are highly resilient to injury but also develop important mental and life skills valuable outside of the athletic arena.“

Quinntinn Kocis

Kamloops Broncos DB, E.A.T.S. athlete since 2015

”Training at E.A.T.S. is one of the best things i could've done for my athletic success. The knowledge and skill set Brad brings to the table is incredible. E.A.T.S. training brought me to that next level where i need to be and is consistently doing so. Brad is always thinking of new and improved ways of training. He always has new innovations which makes the training more interesting and fun. I couldn't imagine where I'd be without the help of brad and E.A.T.S.“

Dexter Janke

Team Canada World Cup Bobsled
Calgary Stampeders 2015-2017

"Brad and the environment at E.A.T.S not only pushes me to live at a higher standard every day I’m in there but demands it! Any athlete or individual that wants to push themselves towards their best selves should be training at EATS! You have a competitive environment, a strength program that gets results but not at the expense of your athleticism or body. And the proper warm up/cool down measures being incorporated into your workouts! This is something I wish I would of had access to in the very early stages of my training/athletic career."

Wes Bookland

Edmonton Huskies DB, Intern Strength & SAQ Coach, E.A.T.S. Athlete since 2015

"Brad and the Gorilla Compound family members have always made me feel at home and genuinely want all the athletes to accomplish their dreams and even take those dreams a step further. Every day in the gym we all push each other to new limits building unbelievable confidence. Everyone who comes here to train very quickly realizes it’s not just a place to get bigger, faster, stronger but a home with a strong culture of bettering yourself everyday and always finding new ways to improve yourself."

James Cookson

Creative Director
Fiiber Web Development

“My team and I have been frequently in and out of the E.A.T.S gym and we've had the pleasure of working with Brad directly. Brad has demonstrated incredible knowledge in his craft, and on top of that he leads by example to his athletes. Props to Brad and his team and if you're truly interested in redefining yourself as an athlete or competitor, E.A.T.S is where you've gotta be.”

Tylor Henry

Wide Receiver
Winnipeg Blue Bombers

"I’m blown away by the attention to detail that every aspect of the EATS method includes. These boys know how to prepare, period. Culture in a training environment is key and E.A.T.S. brings that every day. ELITES IN EDMONTON: Ya’ll need this work if you aren’t getting it already! Invest yourself in something that will get you a return on it."